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Analyses Laboratory

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In its workshop, AZ carries out analyses   of gold and precious metals by the method of fire assay.

The purity analysis is carried out by highly specialized personnel for alloys and microfusions.
These analyses are test performed daily for each batch of analyses in particular for precision casting and alloys, so that AZ can assure the quality of the objects commissioned.
For fire assays analyses are carried out according to the methods established by the International Standard and  is the only one recognized by the affixing the cast.

The laboratory also performs analyzes to third parties providing an important service certification.
AZ run the fire assay also for  samples of soils and rocks collected for mining research purposes.
The laboratory AZ is also equipped with x-ray fluorescence spectrometry ED-XRF that is used for multi-element analysis.
Fast analyses and identification of the products of goldsmiths and the control anti-fraud, are also executed by AZ with the method of the touches (touchstone test).


In AZ workshop  the content of gold and precious metals is analyzed  by fire assay, according to ISO 11426 standard , which is to date the only method recognized internationally for the affixing the cast, as it ensures the determination of the gold content of the product with a margin of error of less than 0, 05%.
The sample is initially  weighed and mixed with pure silver electroplated with a ratio of 1: 4, and successively  lead is added  as collector. The sample placed in a bowl (cupel) of magnesite inside a kiln to 1,060 ° C melts after about 20 minutes. Lead in the cupel is oxidized and absorbed into leaving the precious metal enucleated (prill). The gold content of the prill is determined gravimetrically (or dissolved in aqua regia).

Platinum and palladium are also determined by fire assay, the full suite of PGE (six elements) is determined by nickel sulphide.
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