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AZ Metal Bank

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AZ is included in the list of gold operators held at the Bank of Italy (5001615) and is authorized to carry on a professional trade of pure gold, and crude steel or any other material valuable.
-Its is Trademark 3788AL.
-AZ Metals provides also  full  services to manage the trade of precious metals.
-The service also offers the delivery of precious metals in the world, with the greatest ease and security, thanks to co-
workers and highly specialized companies.

In order to be successful and competitive in the sale of precious metals sales office, AZ uses a dedicated online service that will show and continuously updated listing of the price of each precious metal in real-time as well as the trend of the prices and the exchange rate against the major currencies, the fixing ..

Thanks to the renowned expertise, to decades of experience and connection with the most important financial centers, bank metals AZ is able to provide:

  • optimum market competitiveness,
  • an accurate report with customers with the aim to meet the needs of the industries of the craft of jewelry and small buyers.
  • Block of the sale and purchase prices in real time. Payment within 24 hours of receipt of the metal

The staff of AZ commercial office

Online fixing metal precious, metals price

  • buying gold dust and / or nuggets, old jewelry, scrap gold and silver
  • safe transportation by air and armored car by affiliated companies
  • personalized commercial offers
  • block price at fixing or during production
  • foundry (fusions and essays)
  • analyses: fire assay, the test tap and mass spectrometer x-ray
  • statistical functions
  • buying certificated gold bullion  (LBMA)
  • Payment within 24 hours of receipt of the metal
Raw Gold-Craft production

Jewelry to be recycled
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