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Our History

A.Z. Metalli Preziosi S.r.l., created on 10 October 2002, operates in the precious metals sector and bases its know-how on the profound experience gained by the company's founders during the over forty years of activity in the goldsmith and jewelery field.
AZ has always based its main activity on the marketing of precious metals and especially gold and silver. Metals refined and processed by the company are punched with trademark 3788AL.
Registered at the Italian Exchange Office of the Bank of Italy in the register of professional gold number 5001615, AZ is authorized , since 2002, to the trade of pure gold, and crude steel or any other precious material.
The AZ owns the licenses  for the industry and trade of precious objects and similar.
The AZ, which operates in the basin goldsmith basin of Valenza, thanks to its expertise and professionalism, has recently started relationships with the industry on the whole Italian territory and internationally.
AZ Metalli has recently started an intensive diversification of its activities though installation of advanced and modern equipment for the development of innovative production processes. This activity aimed to the recovery of precious metals from scraps of jewelry industry, as well as from end-of-life electric and electronic appliances (WEEE), is considered by AZ strategic as far as competitiveness is concerned and to enable continuity of supply of precious metals to its structure in order to meet the demands of its customers.
In order to ensure continuous supply of precious metals, AZ, on the basis of decades of experience in the marketing of precious metals directly from artisanal and smallindustrial mining from several African countries, is leading AZ toward a more concrete internationalization of the company with the coordination of trading operations in those countries.
To ensure attractive services to artisanal and industrial partners with whom it trades and will operate in Africa, AZ has included in its structure a section dedicated to the research and mining in the field of precious metals. The laboratory, located in the Valenza, performs fire assay analysis on samples of soil and rock. A team of technical consultants and specialists is active in the African countries where AZ is present.
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