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Recovery of Metals Precious

Workings ▼
A section of the smelting department is equipped with a grinding balls mill and incinerators.

In this department, the personnel   is able to melt any material which working filing , and scrap jewelry in any quantity and in a short time.

Here the personnel  performs grinding and burning of machining scrap gold and then the treatment of the ashes.

Fusions  and treatments are finalized at the recovery of precious metals.

An advanced system for gas treatment, for reduction in a basic environment, complete the facilities of this department

AZ is a partner in a project for the construction of a pilot plant for the recycling of end-of-life electronic equipment containing precious metals, rare metals and base metals. In collaboration with an Italian university, research centres, and international partners in the field of recycling of WEEE, AZ takes an active part in the development of a pilot plant that will be installed within its premises in Valenza.
Innovative processes, included in the development program, are physical and hydrometallurgical  with zero waste and environmentally friendly.
The pilot plant, in the pre-industrial scale (150-250 kg / hour), will be tested for the recycling of the electronic cards (PCBs) from which on can  removed manually capacitors, batteries and resistors. The physical treatment section is designed with by applying  solution mono-block which makes the metals in the form pelletized while the resin support of the PCB is densimetrically separated with pneumatic transport.
The hydrometallurgical process allows the separation by leaching of non-precious metals, and therefore the extraction of gold and silver electrochemically.
The project involves the implementation of a research program for the recovery of rare metals.

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