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The company not only offers services in the field of marketing of precious metals, but produces for the jewelry industry.

The services offered are:

  • Casting (lost wax)

  • Preparation of precious metal alloys

  • Production of gold and silver wires, plates and welds
Alloys and lamination department
One of the main processes deals with by the AZ is the casting.

The casting is the transformation of wax models in gold products ranging from 9 to 22 kt and silver.

The processing cycle has a duration of 24 hours.

The wax models, provided by clients, sorted according to type of product, are mounted on posts in wax and sent to the next stage of creation of the plaster cast.

The plaster mold is emptied of the wax in a special oven (lost wax method), then the part, emptied from the wax, is injected with molten metal, by means of special equipment (induction furnaces with control of temperature and pressure). In this way we obtain, after breaking the gypsum, the reproduction metal of the wax pattern.


In the department "works" AZ produces various alloys (gold-silver -base metals) that can satisfy the demands of color and title.
Another type of processing of the company is represented by the lamination of the metal.
Through the use of highly specialized staff, plates and rods, of precious metal are rolled and processed in special molds trance and to obtain semi-finished products such as wires of different diameters, bastine, mesh chain of different shapes and sizes for the production of jewelry.


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