A.Z. Metalli Preziosi S.r.l., created on October, the 10th 2002, operates in the precious metals sector and bases its know-how on the profound experience gained by the founders of the company during over forty years of activity in the field of goldsmithing and jewelry.

AZ has always based its main activity on the marketing of precious metals: gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium. The metals refined and worked by the company are stamped with the 3788AL trademark.

Registered in the register of the Italian Exchange Office of the Bank of Italy in the register of professional gold operators under number 5001615, AZ has been authorized since 2002 to trade in pure, alloyed or raw gold and any other precious material.

The AZ Metalli Preziosi S.r.l has got the license for the exercise, for the industry and for the trade of precious and related objects.

AZ, which operates in the goldsmith basin of Valenza, thanks to its skills and professionalism, has established relationships with operators in the sector throughout Italy and internationally.

Supported by the advanced technical production installations that it already has in its foundry department and through the development of innovative processes, AZ has recently launched an intense diversification activity. This activity, aimed at the recovery of precious metals from processing waste from the goldsmith sector, from end-of-life electro-electronic devices (WEEE), from dental alloy waste and from rubbish and ashes is considered by AZ to be strategic to allow competitiveness and continuity of supply of precious metals to its structure in order to satisfy the requests of its customers.

In order to guarantee exclusive and continuous supplies of metals, AZ Metalli Preziosi S.r.l, on the basis of the decennial experience acquired in the commercialization of precious stones directly from artisanal and industrial mining activities from various African countries, is bringing a considerable impulse for a more concrete internationalization of the company with the coordination of trading operations in those countries.

To bring attractive services to the artisanal and industrial partners with which it operates and will operate in Africa, AZ has included in its structure a section dedicated to mining research and cultivation in the field of precious stones. Its laboratory, located in Valencia, performs fire assay analyzes on soil and rock samples. A staff of technical consultants of the sector is active in the African countries where AZ is present.

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