A.Z. Metalli Preziosi offers services to companies in the goldsmith sector, to individuals and to all companies that work or deal with precious metals. We take care of the entire precious metals chain: trading, smelting, analysis and refining, preparation of semi-finished products, investment casting and production of gold and pure silver ingots. Our dedicated staff is involved in mining research.


The purchase and sale of precious metals is intended for both companies in the sector and private individuals.
Our staff members are ready to assist you in your requests.

Foundry, recovery, and refining department.

Our foundry uses both gas and induction melting furnaces to melt any type of metal or particular alloy.
The incinerator furnaces combined with mills and mixers allow the recovery of residues from goldsmith processing and from any activity that uses precious metals.
The refining process ensures the purity of the treated metals and the punching with fineness and trademark guarantee the declared fineness.

Analysis and Titration

The laboratory is equipped to carry out cupellation analyzes on ingots, rods and samples of objects. The analysis of the ashes is particularly accurate for the detection of all precious metals. Our spectrometers allow the non-destructive analysis of the samples through the study of X-ray fluorescence. These analyzes give the complete picture of the composition of the alloys in all its metallic components. ICP technology is used to search for specific components.

Preparation of alloys, wires, welds

We create gold and silver alloys, wire plates and welds of every fineness and color.
On request it is possible to create customized alloys for particular productions.

Precision casting

Lost wax casting of gold, silver and base metals.
Our technicians will be able to transform your wax or resin models into perfect objects in precious and non-precious metal.

Production of ingots

We make bars in pure gold with weights ranging from 1g to 1kg.
We are able to customize the ingots with company logos or with writing, drawings and images.

Mining consultancy

A.Z Metalli Preziosi S.r.l. is able to provide services for mining exploration and exploitation and carry out feasibility studies in the sector of precious metals and associated base metals.
These services are coordinated by a technical staff that has been operating for over thirty years in the mining sector in various African countries.

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